XaaS middleware for server and aircraft OEM's, system integrators and airlines.

We have created AirStack to reconnect this critical bit to the digital parade. AirStack is the first Open Platform available in-flight. AirStack enables Airlines to conceive, build and enable *any* digital applications into the aircraft cabin, independently from proprietary technologies, certification constraints, or external connectivity. AirStack is a silo breaker. Our platform provides the infrastructure to enable a wider contribution to and from the on-board experience.

For Sales, marketing and PaxEx

AirStack enables Airlines to define a consistent digital journey before, during, and after the flights. Consumer apps can now provide meaningful service throughout the entire journey … including during flight. The airline is in full control of the digital inflight experience of their passengers, independently from third-parties.

For digital developers

AirStack delivers a complete development and deployment platform, with complete commonality to what digital developers are used to nowadays. Most back-end features are built-in with AirStack, so digital teams can focus on delivering compelling front-ends. Build and deployment is fully automated across your fleet through easy to use web dashboards and consoles. Applications enabled to operate inflight on AirStack require no certification.

For maintenance

Cabin software maintenance has always been a challenge for maintenance teams, with time consuming updates and unavoidable inconsistencies across fleets. This is no more the case with AirStack. Updates can be automated, and remotely operated by a single operator across the whole fleet.